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Philips Respironics Personal Best Peak Full Range Flow Meter 1 ea

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Handle: handle converts into a carrying case for ultimate portability and protection. Zones: built-in flexible three-zone management system and easy-to-read numbers. The integrated three-zone asthma management system helps patients comply with treatment regimens. The color-coded indicators (located to the right of the scale) can be adjusted to delineate a patient's green, yellow, and red zones based on personal best peak flow. Ranges: available in full (60-810 l/min) and low (50-390 l/min) ranges. Mouthpiece: safety mouthpieces reduce the risk of cross-contamination during multi-patient screening, and the one-way valve prevents patients from inadvertently breathing in air through their meters during peak expiratory flow rate testing. Life span: accuracy and reproducibility assured for a minimum of two years. Quality assurance: 100% of personal best units are quality-control inspected at the factory before shipment. Warranty: personal best is backed by a one-year unconditional warranty. Any unit performing unsatisfactorily for any reason during this period will be replaced free of charge by respironics.
  • Peak flow monitoring measures how quickly can expel air from lungs and can help identify the onset of a problem and avoid a severe asthma episode.
  • Easy to use with an integrated asthma management zone system and a large easy to read scale.
  • Full range peak flow meters are for older children and adults.
  • Quick and easy way to monitor their expiratory rates.
  • Lightweight and durable peak flow meter that will fit in a purse or coat pocket.
  • With a built in zoned management system.
  • Lightweight, compact design is very portable.
  • Dual functioning cover bottom half of cover turns into the peak flow meters handle.
  • Rugged construction is easy to sterilize safe to boil or put in the dishwasher.
  • Easy to use with a comfortable oval mouth piece.
  • Peak flow zones are based on the traffic light concept: red means danger, yellow means caution, and green means safe.