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NeilMed Hypertonic NasaMist Saline Spray 4.20 oz

by NeilMed
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Heading Physician developed.
Purpose Saline Spray
Manufacturer Neilmed Prod
Active Ingredients Purified Water; Sodium Chloride (27 mg/mL); Sodium Bicarbonate (Up To 3 mg/mL)
Directions To moisturize and lubricate dry nasal passages, insert nozzle into nostril and press till adequate solution is sprayed and moisture is restored. Use as often as needed.
Uses Click here for more infoSpecially designed nozzle delivers the finest and most gentle mist for adults, children and infants. Helps alleviate: nasal allergies, dryness, post nasal drip, congestion and stuffiness from common cold and flu. Advantages of Hypertonic: Some research shows that hypertonic (2.7%) or more concentrated solution may help reduce nasal congestion better than isotonic (0.9%) solution. The theory is that hypertonic or higher concentrated salt solution will draw the water out of congested tissue, reduce the edema or swelling and open up the nasal passages and sinus openings to allow for better drainage. It is possible you may experience temporary burning or stinging, in which case please use our isotonic spray.
Warnings Click here for more infoSystem designed for single user to reduce the risk of contamination. Do not completely block or occlude nasal passage during use to avoid any pressure in the nose or ears. Keep out of reach from children. Contents under pressure; please do not puncture or incinerate. Store in cool place and avoid direct exposure to sun. Consult physician before use on infants and small children. Distinguish between nasal sprays and large volume irrigation: NeilMed is the inventor and manufacturer of patented leading brand Sinus Rinse currently available at your local stores in USA/Canada. Sinus Rinse is for the purpose of true large volume (4 to 16 oz or 120 mL to 480 mL) nasal irrigation at a time. Please note that therapeutically effective large volume irrigation for daily hygiene cannot be performed by saline sprays. In view of this for large volume irrigation use NeilMed Sinus Rinse.